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Welcome to Dedicated To Dobermans Rescue

Mission Statement
Dedicated to Dobermans Rescue is a registered and insured, 501(c)3 Indiana nonprofit charity organization.  DTDR is dedicated to rescuing and permanently re-homing pets in need.  We rely solely on donations and volunteers to save orphaned Dobermans and place them in loving, permanent homes.  We are committed to spaying/neutering and getting our dogs all the medical attention that they need. We do not have a kennel or facility and all of our dogs are in foster homes while they find their forever home.
To surrender a dog or for other questions, please email: 
Adoptions from May 2015 to currently:

Dobermans, purebred- 178
2017-- 42
2016-- 129
May '15-Dec '15-- 49

Other breeds- 17
Boxer-2, Husky-2, French Mastiff-2, Great Dane-7, Rottweiler-11, Presa Canario-3, Cane Corso-2, Doberman mix- 12, other mix- 10

Medical Needs Dobermans
It took a lot of people to get Holly safe with Dedicated to Dobermans from the streets of Memphis, TN. She is 2 years old and very emaciated but she's an incredibly sweet girl. She was someone's pet before her life of fending for herself, as she is fully potty trained and very well behaved in the house. She loves people and she's very affectionate. On top of her poor physical condition, Holly has also tested positive for heart worms. DTDR pays for all medical care needed for our rescue dogs, which adds up quickly. She gets along with other respectful dogs that will give her some space while she recovers. Holly's medical bills are estimated to be $750 by the time she's ready to be adopted so every little bit helps. Thank you for your support.

HE'S SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!! DTDR was notified about this severely neglected boy at 9:30am on Jan 23rd, and with the help of some very dedicated volunteers, he was safe with us by noon. Barris was tied up outside and left, and his owners moved away!!!! Yes you heard me, they left him tied up outside with no food, water, or shelter and MOVED AWAY :( We're not sure how long he'd been there before animal control found him. He's 3-4 years old and very sweet with people and other dogs. He know sit and shake and loves to give kisses. Barris clearly knew love at some point in his life, and then was left to die. What kind of person doesn't take him to a shelter or even just let him go to at least try to fend for himself and find food and water. No, leave him tied up with no way to save himself. I'm absolutely sickened by what this poor soul has already lived through. But I know he will get the love, food, care and vetting that he desperately needs. And I know all of the DTDR supporters will keep him in their thoughts and well wishes. Of course, donations are greatly appreciated too!! A better life is here for you Barris, we got you buddy!!!! Estimated cost of recovery care and treatment is $750.
This trio was turned into a rural Indiana shelter, from a back yard breeder that's 'out of business.' Those days are behind them now and much better days to come with Dedicated to Dobermans Rescue!! All 3 are sweet with people, and have cropped ears and docked tails. They are in pretty good condition but all need spayed/neutered and vaccinated. Ranger is a 5 year old white male and he's a really sweet boy. Rugger is 3.5 year old red male, and lady is a 2.5 year old red female. None of the dogs have ever been around children or cats, and all will need a fenced-in yard. After vetting, they'll be available for adoption to In, Il, Ky, Mi, Oh. Preferred foster homes are in central Indiana for veterinary services.