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Adoption Checklist
Please check that you agree and understand the requirements.
Applicants Must:
First Name
Last Name
(There are exemptions to this rule.  However, any doberman under one year of age will be required to attend an obedience class)
(Pets must be current on vaccinations, and dogs must be on heart-worm prevention medication.)
First Name
Last Name
Street Address
Home Phone
Email Address
Zip Code
Employer Name
Employer Zip Code

Employer Street Address
Employer State
Employer City

Work Phone
General Information
Living Arrangements
Your Living Status is:
If living w/ roommates, please provide name(s) & phone #(s)
Your Age Group:
Adults Living In Household:
Children Living In Household:
What are the ages of the children in your household?
Type of domicile...
Do you own or rent?
If renting, please provide name of landlord and phone#
If you moved to a place where pets are not allowed, what would you do with your dog?
Reasons For Adoption
Have you ever owned a doberman?
Why do you want to own a doberman?
Is it for your family?
Does the entire family want a doberman?
Is it a gift?
Pet Ownership History
Your current pets must be up to date on vaccines, heartworm prevention, and spayed/neutered to continue the application process.

Please list all the dogs & cats you have owned for the past 5 years.  List name, dog or cat, male or female, age, and living or deceased.
Primary Veterinarian
Primary Veterinarian's Address
Primary Veterinarian's Phone Number

Care & Training
Do you have a completely fenced-in yard suitable for a dog?
What is the height and material your fence is made out of?
Will your dog have access to a dog-door?
Will your new dog be crate/cage trained?
Will you attend dog obedience classes?
Do you have time, patience, and physical ability to exercise a large dog?
Will human or animal visitors come to your home to interact with your new dog?
Are you prepared for chewing, digging, scratching, house-training, and/or mischievous behavior?
Are you prepared for the close personal attention this breed requires?
The Doberman breed, in general, is not a hearty one.  Are you prepared both monetarily and emotionally, for any medical issues that may arise?
Your lifestyle is:
How are your currents pets housed?
How many hours per day will the Doberman be left alone?
Who will be responsible for the care of the Doberman?
What activities do you plan to do with your dog?
How will you reprimand your dog?
It may take several months for your new dog to adjust to its new home and family.  How will you handle this?
What behavior would cause you to return the dog to DTDR?
Have you ever surrendered a dog to a shelter or a rescue?  If so, please explain in the box below.
Adoption Preferences
Do you have an age preference?
Do you have a gender preference?
Do you have a color preference?
Do you prefer a dog with natural ears or cropped ears?
What are the names of the dog(s) you are interested in?
Please note: dogs you're interested in might not still be available 
How did you hear about or find DTDR?
By checking this box, I agree that I have read and understand and accept the adoption process and the terms and conditions listed by Dedicated To Dobermans Rescue.
Please provide us with a family reference
Please provide us with a non-family reference
Purebred Adoption Fees
$400 for puppies (under 1 year)
$300 for dogs (1 to 3 years)
$200 for dogs (4 to 7 years)
$100 for senior dogs (8 years and older - may be reduced depending on the dog)
The information on this questionnaire will be kept confidential.

I certify that all the information provided is complete and correct to the best of my knowledge.  I also agree to allow Dedicated To Dobermans Rescue to contact my vet and obtain my pet's vet records.

Do you understand and accept that as a requirement of the terms of 
adoption that the majority of rescue dogs will need to attend obedience 
training within six months of adoption?
By checking this box, I agree that I have read and understand and accept the adoption process and policies listed by Dedicated to Dobermans Rescue.
Volunteer Opportunities
I am interested in volunteering to help with...
Volunteer Name
Foster Release
If you would like to be considered as a possible foster family for one of our rescued Dobermans, please sign the release below.

I accept responsibility for any illness or damage that can occur from a temporary care animal.  I release Dedicated To Dobermans Rescue from any and all liability, now and in the future, from my voluntary action of caring for any Dedicated To Dobermans pet.
Foster Name
I have read and agree to Dedicated To Dobermans Rescue Volunteer Agreement.
**We do not allow invisible or underground fencing.
**We do not allow invisible fence. You do not need to have a fenced-in yard to apply, but for younger dogs a physically fenced-in yard will be required.
Have you applied to adopt a dog from another Doberman Rescue? If Yes, please provide details as it may help to expedite your application.
Reside within the geographic area covered by DTDR (Indiana and its surrounding states IN, IL, MI, OH, KY).
Demonstrate the ability and commitment to provide proper care, exercise and training for the lifetime of the dog.
Have a fenced-in yard for all young or energetic Dobermans. Acreage is acceptable.
Abide by the DTDR Terms and Conditions of Adoption.
Agree to never leave the dog outside in the yard unattended.
Agree to keep the dog safely on leash at all times when not in a fenced-in area.
Agree to accompany the dog through a group or individual obedience class within 3 months of adoption.
Agree that all current pets in the home, must be spayed or neutered.
Agree the applicant is over 21 years old.
No choke, prong, shock, or electronic collars are ever to be used in training or in the home.
Adopted and fostered dogs will be kept in a smoke free home.
Married Single Living w/ Roomates
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Active Passive
Yes No
Puppy Younger Older No
Male Female No
Black Red BlueFawn No
Natural Cropped Doesn't Matter
Internet Search For Dobermans
Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
Friend/Family Member Referral
Saw Us At An Event
Yes No
Conducting Home Visits
Fund Raising